General Conditions


Owner of the Service

In compliance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the following are the identification data of the owner of the website:

This website is owned by Carlos García Diaz with NIF: 74861406V, here in after COSTADELSOLTAXI, and with address at Av. Plutarco, 8 (Málaga).

Use of the Website

The website is created for informational purposes as well as to manage the transportation reservation services offered by COSTADELSOLTAXI.


COSTADELSOLTAXI, performs specialized and professional transport services, and has all kinds of types of services and vehicles. We are specialized in service for individuals and companies, having a wide range of vehicle types.


In the Bookings section, the client can select the date, time, place of pick-up and destination, as well as any other circumstance to take into account (luggage, tolls, additional stops, passengers, child restraint systems, etc.) to calculate the price. In the event that you want a personalized service not detailed on the website, you can request it through our contact form to receive the price of the requested service.

Booking Confirmation

The minimum booking time for pick-ups in Malaga Capital is 30 minutes. However, to guarantee the availability of the vehicle, it is recommended to do it with a greater advance, from any telematic or telephone means.

COSTADELSOLTAXI, has a period of 24 hours to confirm the bookings made by the client, not guaranteeing availability if the client requests it less than 24 hours before the date and time of the start of the transfer.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the confirmation period of 24 hours by COSTADELSOLTAXI will begin to count once we receive the transfer.

To enjoy the service, the client must keep the booking confirmation on digital or paper support, and have it available to the driver if required. In the event that there is disagreement due to any circumstance in relation to the service, if the client does not present the booking confirmation, it may imply the non-provision of the service.

Bookings Changes

Booking modification requests must be made by responding to our confirmation email and will not produce any effect until they are received and confirmed by email for the corresponding modification to be effective. Booking modification requests must be made at least 24 hours before the date and time provided for the initial booking.

The client also has the possibility of canceling a booking through the link in our confirmation email and making a new booking with the modified data. Booking cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled start date and time of the booking.


In all the vehicles offered, the spaces indicated refer to the number of free spaces available to the customer, the capacity of the vehicle corresponding to the number of places indicated plus that of the driver.

Taxi vehicles are vehicles intended for public service and usually carry the distinctive marks of this type of vehicle and service. The logos and colors of the vehicles are different depending on the city or area where they carry out their activity and the current local regulations.

All vehicles have the necessary authorizations, licenses and insurance for the provision of services.

The drivers have the experience and training to offer you the best conditions of satisfaction on your transfers.

For reasons of operability and availability, there is the possibility of carrying out the service with vehicles of a higher category or with a greater number of seats than the customer had actually booked, without implying an extra cost. Likewise, in strictly necessary cases, when force majeure events occur, a lower end vehicle may be made available to the customer, in order to enable the effective provision of the service, proceeding to refund the amounts corresponding to the difference in cost of the vehicle initially hired and the one that is finally made available to you.


The rates indicated on the website take as a reference the fastest route between the point of pick -up and the point of destination. If the client wishes to choose an alternative route, he must specify it when completing the booking in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section or send us an email so that we can make the corresponding budget adapted to the chosen route.

The specified rates do not include the price of tolls if required, or parking in car parks (except in some cases). The Client has the option when completing the booking, to choose the use of toll roads (on routes where the possibility exists), the price of the toll will be added to the total of the service.

The specified rates include the taxes applicable to the service.

Pick up of Customers

When booking, the client is contracting a transfer, a pick-up and a waiting time for the driver included in the price of the service. The pick up will be at the place, date and time indicated by the Client in the booking. The price of the service includes the cost of parking in the pre-contracted area.
The cost of the pick up, if it was not included in the service, would be 3,85€ on business day and 4,75€ on weekends and at night; and one hour of driver waiting time 19,96€ on business days and 24,61€ on weekends and at night. The contracted service includes 1 hour waiting time at airports and 30 minutes at seaports and train stations.

Minors and Child Seats

If you are traveling with children under 12 years of age, the customer must have their own child safety seats suitable for being anchored in the vehicle. In the case of not having them, the client can rent them and select them in the booking process, depending on the age and weight of the minor. You can choose baby seats from various groups, Maxicosi and boosters for children. The rental price will be determined by the units and the type of retention system chosen. Upon receipt of your request, the driver will travel before and after the transfer service to be stored again. In general, the rental price is 10€ per unit for baby seats or maxi-cosi, and 5€ for child boosters.

If you do not notify us that you are traveling with children, transportation will be subject to availability in the vehicle at that time. In the event that you do not have them, the price of the service will not be refunded nor will we be obliged to provide you with the service.

Delays by the client


Pick up at airports

At airports, the driver will wait a maximum of one additional hour from the time indicated by the client in the booking confirmation. In the event that the client, before boarding, becomes aware of a delay in the flight of more than one hour, he must contact us to consult the possibility of providing the service at a different time than the one established in the booking confirmation.

Pick up at train stations

At train stations, the driver will wait a maximum of thirty additional minutes from the time indicated by the client in the booking confirmation. In the event that the client becomes aware of a delay greater than thirty minutes, he must contact us to consult the possibility of providing the service at a different time than that established in the booking confirmation.

Pick up at sea ports

In sea ports, the driver will wait a maximum of thirty additional minutes from the time indicated by the client in the reservation confirmation. In the event that the Client becomes aware of a delay greater than thirty minutes, he must contact us to consult the possibility of providing the service at a different time than that established in the reservation confirmation.

Pick up at hotels or other addresses

The driver will wait a maximum of 10 additional minutes from the time indicated by the client in the booking confirmation.

Before exceeding the waiting time established in each section, depending on the pick-up point, the client must contact to request that the driver wait for him.In this case, you will have to pay an additional cost before the service is performed.

Otherwise, the service will not be provided. Waiting by the driver when requested by the Client may imply an extra cost that will vary depending on the waiting time and the type of vehicle contracted:

Standard Taxi: 16 €/hour of wait


The driver may have up to a 15 minutes delay in the pick-up time, without generating any responsibility.

In the event that the driver does not arrive at the pick-up destination after 15 minutes, the client must contact the 24hour service telephone number that appears on the booking confirmation.

The breach by the client of this precept will imply the non acceptance of any subsequent claim or any compensation or indemnification, even in the event that the client chooses to take other routes to travel to their destination.

Destination place

The place of destination will be exclusively the one indicated by the client in the booking. In the event that the client wants to make stops during the transfer, they must indicate this when completing the booking. If the additional stops are outside the town of pick-up location or destination, the client must communicate this, specifying the stops to be made and the waiting time at each stop, in order to establish a budget adjusted to the client’s needs.

COSTADELSOLTAXI, is not responsible in cases in which the client is late to take a flight, train, bus, boat, or other means of transport, in cases in which the collection has occurred within the scheduled time frame , and the transfer was delayed due to traffic circumstances.



In pickup location and destination

The driver will park the vehicle as close as possible to the address indicated by the client, taking into account that there are certain addresses that, due to the characteristics of the public road on which they are located, do not allow parking and / or stopping of vehicles (express roads , roundabouts, intersections, etc …).

Unless we provide you with specifically different information, the meeting places will be the following:

At the airports, inside the terminal, at the passenger exit of the flight indicated in your reservation, just where passengers and non-passengers converge and which is the usual waiting point for family members and drivers with concerted services.

At the stations, inside the station, at the passenger exit door of the corresponding train, just where it is customary for family members and drivers of concerted services to wait. Contact us by phone if you have any difficulties.

In hotels and similar, at the reception of the establishment or at the door of the building if there is no reception.

In homes, hospitals, offices and in other places not indicated above, at the door or in the nearest place where it is possible to park the vehicle.

All this in accordance with compliance with the rules established in each enclosure or area, especially in the port and airport areas, on which, in some cases, there may be permanent, temporary or occasional restrictions or limitations; in terms of access and parking. In such circumstances, passengers must necessarily adapt to them in order to start the transport service and contact us by phone if they have any difficulties.

Some exceptional circumstances, such as works, traffic cuts, sporting or cultural events, demonstrations, physical characteristics of the vehicle, accessibility to the place, border line, etc., may make it impossible for the vehicle to access the requested collection place. In these situations, we will contact the number indicated in the booking by phone to inform you of the closest point where you can meet the driver.


COSTADELSOLTAXI, is not responsible for the lack of luggage capacity in the event that the client carries more luggage than indicated at the time of choosing the type of vehicle.

For safety and according to regulations, all luggage must go in the trunk of the vehicle. The luggage may not contain prohibited items such as dangerous substances, animals that have not been recorded in the booking process, firearms, perishable items or fragile objects, not being responsible for the loss or deterioration of the luggage.

People with reduced mobility or special needs

The client must indicate to us if they will travel with a wheelchair or with a motorized chair when completing the booking request in the “Additional Information” section. Likewise, you must specify if it is a folding model, manual or if it includes a battery and / or motor so that we can offer you adequate service for your transfer.


The Client must indicate to us in the booking process if he is traveling with pets (in the “Additional Information” section). Pets must travel in a carrier that meets IATA requirements for air transport and will travel under their sole responsibility. In the event of a claim or lawsuit caused by your pet, you must compensate for the damages.



By the Client

Cancellations made (notified) and confirmed 12 hours before the service start time will have no cost for the client.

Those made and notified less than 12 hours in advance will cost the client 50% of the amount paid (which, if applicable, would have been satisfied).


If the client does not go to the meeting point within the time established from the time that appears in the booking confirmation, they will call the telephone number indicated by the client. If we can not contact the client because the quality of the connection is insufficient, there is no signal possibility, you have activated your voicemail or you do not answer the call, the service will be canceled and you will not have the obligation to provide it or reimburse the amount that, in your case, you would have paid.

COSTADELSOLTAXI, will not pay any compensation in case of delay, cancellation or non-provision of a service, due to a circumstance or fortuitous event that is beyond its control, including, among other circumstances, traffic accidents, police controls, acts of terrorism or vandalism, extreme weather conditions, traffic cuts due to strikes or demonstrations.

Admission rights

Drivers reserve the right not to get into their vehicles any passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and who may endanger the normal development of the transfer, or whose conduct may endanger physical or moral integrity. of the driver and / or the rest of the passengers.

You cannot smoke inside the vehicles, according to Spanish regulations.

Responsibilities of the client

When making a booking with the Client:

He understands and accepts the general conditions and agrees to pay for the requested service through the payment method chosen when making the booking.

You understand and accept that you must notify any modification that affects your booking and the service in the terms and deadlines detailed in this document.

That the service will be carried out in accordance with the data you have provided in the booking process and under the conditions established in this document.

That you have the obligation to verify that all the information that appears in the booking confirmation is correct and that, if you have made a mistake, you must notify it by email at least 24 hours before the service start time in order to make the modification correspondent. And that, if it does not do so, it will not be responsible for the possible damages that may occur.

The client accepts that if his actions, or those of the other people who travel with him, cause any damage during the provision of the service, the client will be the first responsible for the possible compensation of the damages caused to the carrier or third parties.

The client accepts that he must carry with him all the necessary documentation to cross the borders. That neither we nor the carrier will be responsible or accept the charges that are caused (including waiting times longer than those established) for not carrying the necessary documentation or not complying with customs, police, tax authority or administration regulations. of the countries for which entry is requested.


If at any time, during the course of the service, you detect a problem with the service provided, you can notify us immediately through the telephone number indicated in the reservation confirmation. We will investigate the problem and try to fix it immediately. If we are not notified at the time, our ability to investigate or resolve the matter that is the subject of the complaint will be affected, as will your rights to make a claim or obtain a satisfactory solution.

All drivers have a complaints and claims book available to users who request it.

Modification of the booking conditions

COSTADELSOLTAXI, can modify the rates, the payment conditions and the cancellation policy, without affecting the booking already made and confirmed prior to said modifications.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made through the following modalities:

Bank transfer

Once the booking is made, we will provide you with the bank details where you must make the transfer. Once the notification of the deposit in our account is received, we will confirm the service within a maximum period of 24 hours. Once the payment has been made, we recommend that you keep a copy of your bank transaction summary.
For booking with pick-up outside of Malaga, Airports and seaports in other locations, a bank transfer must be made with 50% of the amount of the service, indicating in the concept of the transfer your full name and making the payment in the following entity and account number:

ES92 3023 0412 4965 0296 0005


In the case of payment through PayPal, the amount will be charged to the customer’s account immediately. In the event that the charge is rejected by your bank, the booking will be automatically canceled and the client will be informed by email.

Cash or card at destination

The Client will make the payment in cash or by card directly to the driver upon arrival at their destination. This form of payment is conditional on the type of service contracted, specifying whether this form of payment is possible during the booking process. In the event that the client hires a round trip service, payment in cash will be made in full upon arrival at the destination in the first transfer.

Data protection policy

Read the Privacy Policy.

Data transfer

COSTADELSOLTAXI, will not transfer personal information obtained through this website to third parties, and will only communicate the identification data and address of the client to the driver who must provide the transport service.

True information provided by the customer

To be able to make booking on the website, each client must voluntarily provide and under their responsibility, their personal data, which must be truthful and accurate. The client who formalizes the booking process, declares to be the owner of the information provided, or, failing that, to have the authorization of the person on whose behalf they carry out the management.

Use of the website by children

The user will only be able to contract and make booking on the website if they are of legal age. Otherwise, the responsibility for making booking will be the responsibility of the child’s parents or legal guardians.

Liability Exclusion

COSTADELSOLTAXI, is exempt from all liability derived from:

Interruptions in the normal operation of the website derived from causes of force majeure, as well as causes not attributable to COSTADELSOLTAXI and that cause the web service to not be fully or partially operational.

The use of incorrect or false data by our clients, including errors that may have been made when making the booking and those derived from the failure to update the data by the client.

Modifications to the terms of use

COSTADELSOLTAXI, reserves the right to modify the terms of use when it deems it appropriate. The user undertakes to review the content of these terms of use and the privacy policy, as they may be modified without prior notice. Likewise, you understand and accept each and every one of the clauses contained in this document. It is the sole responsibility of the user to review the aforementioned terms.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

All parties submit to Spanish law for the resolution of conflicts that may arise and waiving any other if the courts and tribunals of the user’s domicile should be resorted to in the event that the user has the status of consumer. For all other cases, the parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Malaga.